Towards a Practice of Emancipation in Urban Schools: A Look at Student Experiences Through the Science Genius Battles Program

Edmund S Adjapong


This study explores the benefits of a science education initiative, The Science Genius Program, that is anchored in Hip-Hop culture on urban youth in high school science classrooms. We argue that the framework for the Science Genius Program provides skills for young people in urban communities to emancipate themselves from oppressive practices in the science classroom. Participants in this study are high school students who attended different urban high schools in one of the largest school systems in the country. This study provides insight on the experiences of students who participated in the Science Genius Program. Through this study the researchers found that students had positive experiences around science, see themselves using the skills they learned through the program to further their learning and were able to develop positive relationships with community members and teachers through participation in the program.


STEM Education, Urban Eduaction, HipHop Education

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