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Mahmod, Jowan, MERI (Middle East Research Institute) (Sweden)
Makrooni, Golaleh, Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Education and Culture at Tampere University (Finland)
Marcolini, Jessica Phillips, Florida Gulf Coast University (United States)
McDonald, Shelby E., Virginia Commonwealth University (United States)
Meister, Samantha, Texas A&M University (United States)
Merhaut, Marek, Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague (Czech Republic)
Miller, Leon Monroe, International Consultant and Researcher (Estonia)
Mofidi, Sabah (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Mohd Hashim, Intan Hashimah, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)
Moradi, Elahe, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Muhamed, Sumaya, King High School (United States)
Murray-Johnson, Kayon, University of Rhode Island (United States)

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