Reimagining Citizenship: A Review of Angela Banks’ Civic Education in the Age of Mass Migration

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civic education, citizenship education, legal studies in education, education, social studies, civic engagement, immigration, citizenship


This review of Angela M. Banks’ book, Civic Education in the Age of Mass Migration, provides an overview of the book and highlights timely and important issues that may be of interest to most civic educators and researchers. Emphasizing her expertise as a legal and immigration scholar, the reviewers discuss Banks’ incisive examination of the boundaries of citizenship in civic education.


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Author Biographies

Limarys Caraballo, Teachers College, Columbia University

Limarys Caraballo is an Associate Professor of English Education and Curriculum at Teachers College, Columbia University, and Doctoral Consortium Faculty in Urban Education at the CUNY Graduate Center. She is a faculty affiliate of TC’s Edmund W. Gordon Institute for Urban and Minority Education, as well as founding co-director of Cyphers for Justice, a youth-engaged research program that supports intergenerational participatory inquiry. Her research reframes deficit discourses about minoritized youth by amplifying their multiple voices, literacies, and identities.

David Gerwin, Queens College, City University of New York,

David Gerwin is professor and chair of the Department of Secondary Education and Youth Services at Queens College, CUNY. He is also consortium faculty in the PhD Program in Urban Education at The CUNY Graduate Center. His research interests include inquiry teaching in history, teacher research in social studies, teacher professional development, historical thinking, and discipline-specific ways that schooling policies such as high-stakes testing or specific lesson plan formats alter history teaching. His recent work involves the Social Studies Inquiry Research Collaborative (SSIRC), whose researchers used the Authentic Intellectual Work rubrics to observe 60 teachers in five high-stakes testing states.


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