The Pursuit of Being: Reflections on Blackness

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  • Bruno Halpern Florida Gulf Coast University



blackness, colonialism, imperialism, racism, whiteness.


The Black Register calls for the uprooting of a world structured by the systems of oppression imposed by whiteness throughout the centuries. Colonialism, imperialism, and racism have long been weaponized against black-skinned peoples, denying them life and voice. In this book review, the author analyzes Tendayi Sithole’s propositions to establish a new world system where blackness will not be lifeless or voiceless anymore.


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Author Biography

Bruno Halpern, Florida Gulf Coast University

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bruno Halpern is doing a master's in Educational Leadership at Florida Gulf Coast University. He has a Bachelor’s in Journalism. He's been a citizen-board member at The News-Press, a radio newsroom intern at WGCU, and an editor for ABC/NBC TV. He also recently won the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalism Award for Best Sound.


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Received 2020-08-23
Accepted 2020-09-08
Published 2020-10-12